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Multi-function notebook with multi-angle adjustment

Computer desk dual fan cooling with mouse pad, cup holder and pen holder. Simple to use, easy to carry, and easy to fold. It is the latest model. It is made of ABS explosion-proof and environmentally friendly materials. It is fashionable, practical and economical in a “table”. Whether it is a home bedroom or a business trip, it can provide you with a comfortable and cozy Time online.
Product description: Multi-angle adjustable desktop, 2 fans, 1 USB socket, 1 movable USB plug, mouse pad, adjustable length of table legs, environmentally friendly imported ABS material, classic color: black + white (products suitable for less than 15 inches Book use)
Dimensions: unfolded: 560 x 316mm; folded: 285 x 316 x 36mm; adjustable height 0 – 310mm; adjustable angle 0 – 70°
Material: high-strength ABS engineering plastic packaging: bubble bag + color box; size: 295 x 326 x 46mm;
Net weight: 1.7kg

Increase the area of the cup and mouse, the table legs can be adjusted, foldable, super convenient to carry, color box packaging.

1. This model has two built-in powerful high-speed cooling fans, which can help the notebook cool down
2. This model has a large mouse board. You can easily play online games. Office, super enjoyment
3. Beautiful appearance + super materials
4. Folded up, only the size of a notebook can be put in a bag, and you can also bring it on business trips.
Some friends may ask: In fact, notebooks also have a built-in cooling fan, aren’t your two fans superfluous?
Answer: If the notebook temperature is too high, the cooling fan of the notebook will work at the highest speed. Generally there are two speeds, and the normal speed at low temperature. When the temperature is high, the fan in the notebook will automatically increase the speed to speed up the heat dissipation to avoid crashing or burning the CPU. Friends with notebooks may wish to listen to whether the sound of the fan in the notebook is large or small.
These two fans can help the notebook cool down and control it in a temperature zone, so that the workload of the notebook fan also reduces the hardware working life at low temperatures.
A friend asked: Actually it’s okay to not use it. That radiator:
Answer: Yes, that’s right, it’s just that the notebook fan is working at the maximum speed, the life of the fan will be reduced. We have a customer who uses an ASUS W3 machine. After using it for more than a year, the fan suddenly got stuck and turned off and the screen went blank. The temperature of the notebook suddenly became much higher than usual. I couldn’t turn it on again, but when I got it to the repair station, the defendant told me to change the fan for more than 100 yuan. Later, I still felt that it was easy to crash. After all, the original fan could not be replaced by the machine without stopping production. Later, I bought a radiator to solve it. I think everyone should pay attention to buying a radiator when using a laptop, a small product can solve your little troubles


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